Studying in Ireland

College of Charleston Summer School in Ireland

Click here to visit the 2019 CofC Summer School in Ireland website.

Semester study abroad

The College of Charleston exchanges students with Queens University, Belfast each semester.  Under this program, you would pay your tuition as you normally do to CofC.  Room and board in Belfast are comparable to the same in Charleston, and IIAS will work with Queens to find you housing.  You will be responsible for the cost of travel to and from Ireland, but scholarships are available.  Talk first with the director of IIAS, Joe Kelly, who will put you in touch with our Center for International Education.

We also have informal connections to several other universities in Ireland, including University College Cork; Limerick University; University College, Dublin; Dublin City University; and Trinity College, Dublin. Study in these and other universities are available through "third-party" vendors.  Speak with the director of IIAS, Joe Kelly, for more information.

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