Irish Heritage Project

IIAS & Special Collections at the Addlestone Library

Historians have yet to tell the full story of the Irish experience in the American South.  Part of the problem is that the materials available to scholars don't do justice to what Irish families have contributed to our community.  Irish and Irish American Studies and Special Collections in the Addlestone Library are collecting an archive of materials that preserve the Irish and Irish American experience.  We are as interested in the humble immigrant, working-class families as we are in the eminent politicians and statesmen.  The Irish Heritage Project provides a place for Irish American families to deposit their historical papers--letters, photographs, journals, miscellany.  The librarians in Special Collections will professionally catalogue and maintain this archive, making them accessible to scholars according to the wishes of the depositors.  

If you want to help preserve for posterity the Irish experience in our community, please contact Joseph Kelly, director of the Irish and Irish American Studies program.

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