Minor Requirements

The minor in Irish and Irish American Studies is designed to provide an interdisciplinary study of Irish society, culture, and history, including the experiences of the Irish diaspora in North America.  Students will practice a variety of disciplinary approaches. 

Credit hours:  18


All students must take the interdisciplinary introduction (3 hours)

            IIAS 201:            Introduction to Irish and Irish American Studies (new course)


All students must take 15 credit hours from the following:


*Certain approved special topics courses from other departments may also count toward the minor provided at least 1/3 of the content focuses on Ireland. These courses will vary on a semester by semester basis. In addition, approved independent study and tutorial courses may also count toward the minor. See program director.

Study Abroad

Ideally, students will spend a semester at one of our partner institutions in Belfast, Dublin, or Cork, during which time at least two of their courses will address the requirements or electives above.  Students should seek the advice of the Director of IIAS before enrolling in courses at another institution to assure their applicability to this program of study.  Also, the College offers summer study abroad courses taught by our own faculty. 

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